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The Jamaican elections on 3 September 2020 turned out to be a rout by the incumbent Jamaica Labour Party and its incumbent Prime Minister Andrew Holness. The once mighty People’s National Party headed by Peter Philips has lost its moorings.  He is the first leader of that Party not to become Prime Minister and the party is now reduced to 14 seats with the governing party getting 49.  For some reason the PLPs in the country were following the Jamaican elections closely. Looking for clues no doubt as to what will happen here. This is the third incumbent government in the region to win: St Kitts and Nevis, followed by Trinidad and Tobago and now Jamaica. So the PLPs are worried that Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister will see that and say let me go to the country and also campaign on the management of the anti Covid campaign.  The PLP in Bermuda where it is the incumbent will have an election on 1 October 2020 and they are campaigning on their management of the anti Covid campaign.  No doubt Hubert Minnis was looking at Jamaica as well. We don’t want people to over read the results of Jamaica and the implications for The Bahamas. The two are quite different countries and circumstances. This country’s Prime Minister is a study in mismanagement, self-absorption and confusion.  Our economy is in the doldrums and he has no clear plan as to what to do to solve it.  Neither is his strategy stopping the virus  In those circumstances, the PLP has a compelling case for him to go and go now.