Agriculture Creating Mayhem In Grand Bahama

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Michael Pintard, Minister of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is causing problems for housewives in Grand Bahama.  In Grand Bahama, women pool together and go to Florida to buy meats and other essentials that are so expensive in Freeport.  Now the Government is enforcing a rule that you cannot bring in meats unless you have a permit and they only give you one permit for 50 pounds of meat.  If you get over fifty pounds you have to have a commercial license.  This is a scheme to force people to buy from the local behemoths who are price fleecing consumers.  The housewives in Freeport are up in arms. Recently, ZNS news showed a case where Customs confiscated 200 pounds of meat because there was no permit and the person did not have a commercial licence and threw it on the dump.  This was perfectly good food and they threw it on the dump.  Senator Fred Mitchell has sent a note to Attorney General Carl Bethel to warn of the push back coming.  Michael Pintard, the Minister of Agriculture was on TV defending this indefensible position.