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Photo from Independence broadcast 1973

From left Mario Donato, Chala Cartwright, Fred Mitchell, Mario Donato Jr. Kevin Tomlinson, Tristan Lockhart and Brian Seymour at Pier One in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Al Dillette gave a life time of service to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and to the Progressive Liberal Party.  On the evening of 1 May or the morning of 2 May 2023, a wonderful well lived life came to an end.  The Albert King Dillette as he was formally known is no more.  He now belongs to the ages.  The following statement was issued by Fred Mitchell, MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs:

2 May 2023

I regret to report the death of Albert King Dillette, known to his friends, including me as Al Dillette. Mr. Dillette died at home in his official residence in Toronto last evening. He was discovered by the Consulate General’s staff when he could not be reached this morning. The emergency services with the consulate staff entered the premises and discovered that he had passed away. It appears that he died from natural causes.

For me personally, this is a great loss. We have been friends, confidantes, and colleagues since we were boys. I have spoken to his wife Kathy to express the condolences of the nation and the Ministry.

Prime Minister Philip Davis was informed, and he too has expressed his condolences to Mrs. Dillette and the children and his siblings.

Al Dillette was one of the finest journalists this country produced. He loved to tell the stories of his time at ZNS and his role in defining broadcasting, public relations, and the history of our country since independence . He was a champion of life in Freeport and in Grand Bahama. He was looking forward to the 50th anniversary celebrations of our country, especially now that he was in an official role, a role he inaugurated just a few short weeks ago when we were all gathered in Canada.

We have lost a treasured son, friend, and brother.

Mr. Dillette is survived by his wife Kathryn, Two sons Adam and Robert (Aafiah) one daughter Alana {Derrick) and three grandchildren Maya, Elijah and Xzavier.

We say in his passing to God be all the glory for a life well lived.

May he rest in peace.