Alfred Sears Calls for Effective National System of Local Government

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buy viagra times;”>Since his return to active politics, Alfred Sears Q C has been making thoughtful interventions in the public domain about the future public policy.  Today he writes about local government.  He writes: “Although both major political parties have pledged to put public power in the hands of Bahamian communities, through Local Government, about 70% of the Bahamian population living in New Providence has no organized structure or resources, apart from a vote once every five years, to make decisions about matters which affect their communities from issues of safety, environmental stewardship, town planning to economic promotion and development.  Local Government in the Family Islands is inadequately funded, with no revenue raising powers and no power to engage in the economic promotion in their various districts and towns.  In addition to Urban Renewal, I call for the full empowerment of Bahamian communities through a national system of Local Government, inclusive of New Providence, empowered to raise revenue and expanded functions in public safety, economic promotion and cultural and touristic development within their various districts and towns.”

You may click here for the full statement.