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The Nassau Guardian ran an editorial 1 April 2020, April Fool’s day, in which it said there was a need for balance.  The editorial went on to say in the face of the order by the Government to allow insurance premiums due, to be excused as a result of the emergency period, that this was going too far and there was a need for balance.  What a difference 14 days makes.  The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis had made the same point two weeks before on the first order, that it was going too far and the same press were jumping on him saying that in the face  of the emergency he was  nitpicking.  Not to be outdone The Tribune on 1 April wrote an editorial along the same lines. We are not fooled for one minute. The only reason they were howling now is because the money owed to the them was being affected. You can have all the emergency orders you want, just don’t fool with their money.  These people are so transparently deceitful.