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Colin Kaepernick, cialis canada the quarter back who refuses to stand for the US National Anthem

A young quarter back on the San Francisco Giants National Football League team refuses to stand for the national anthem of the United States.  He says that he cannot in all good conscience stand for something which represents a country that kills young black people with impunity.  The picture you see above purports its says to be a report that some lawmakers in the United States are refusing to stand up for the recitation of the pledge in the House of Representatives of the United States.  The action from the team and the NFL, while they say they encourage people to stand for the anthem, it is not mandatory.  The team went further and said that free speech gave the quarterback the right to stay seated.  There was a lot of hate mail generated toward the young man over it.   The two reports we have recited here: do they form a pattern?  Will it permit us to argue that the secular religion of the United Sates is falling apart?  The religion was that all the race, ethnic, national origin and other parochial differences disappeared in the face of uniting behind the flag and the constitution and the pledge.  Well it seems no more.  Many people see the whole promotion as one big lie.  Slavery was a blight on the whole process from the start and it appears today that the country has not come to terms with the moral wrong of slavery.  Black people are still second class citizens in the United States and killed with impunity it appears by the state. There appears to be one law for black people and another for whites.  Yet the United States is busy lecturing others on their human rights records.  It is shameful.  So the young man may be on to something.  Maybe it will prick the conscience of the United States as a nation but chances are not.  But what we know is that the lie has been exposed and it is finally seeing the light of day. A side note, the US national anthem was written by a racist as well who wrote the song and in one of the verses praised the fact that the slaves who were helping the British to free them would not prevail.