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You know the American government must be full of sugar honey ice tea and have a friggin nerve to report on the human rights records of The Bahamas and not take the mote out of its own eyes.  You have to in some sense blame this lousy press we have in The Bahamas who insist on highlighting what is written in the so called Human Rights Report which is more often than not filled with  half-truths and inaccurate gossip which the Embassy officials pick up from the trashy press and in the Bars in The Bahamas.

We think that paragraph is a fitting way to begin given the headlines that  dominated the press over the last week about how bad the human rights record of The Bahamas is.  Say what?  They obviously have been listening too much to Fred Smith and all the jackass nonsense and bad mouthing he and Joe Darville, his puppet, have about this country.  The two of them ought to move elsewhere and they can take the US Human Rights Report with them.

It is simply infuriating that these people work hand in glove with the US to destroy the country’s reputation.  It is not the truth of the allegations per se that is at issue. Certainly there are human rights abuses.  It is the scale; there is simply no balance.  It is reprehensible and makes the Human Rights Report of the US a nonsense.

The one most egregious example was the bold faced lie the US Human Rights report told on former Ambassador Elliston Rahming;  that he was responsible for the death of a US Prisoner who simply died of natural causes and then the US used that as reason to deny him service as US Ambassador in Washington D C.  It was an absolute and total disgrace.

It was simply trash talking and then they refused to correct the record.   Mr. Rahming had nothing to do with it.  It was simply the stupidity of an overzealous political officer in the US Embassy that led to the untruth being told in this so called human rights report.

No one in The Bahamas will standup of course.  Certainly, not this craven government we have in power today.  Whatever the U S says goes even if they spit in your face.

Just think of this human rights report coming from a country that jails more of its citizens by proportion than any other country in the world; that routinely discriminates against black people; that routinely shoots black people down in the streets without due process and without any redress available to the blacks or compensation for the loss of life; that routinely courts its own justice system; that has at its core now a President who seems to be presiding over a criminal enterprise and if not that a loony bin of right wing nuts… and this is the country  that wants to lecture The Bahamas o human rights.

One rule for one; and another rule for another.

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