An Analysis Of The Jamaican Election Result By Damien Gomez Q C

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Dear Ms. Editor,

I write to publicly express my regard for Dr. Peter Phillips former President of the Peoples National Party in Jamaica. In a less than wholesome situation approximately 30% of voters turned out to vote. The PNP was defeated, and Dr. Phillips resigned.

There are however Regional implications for democracy in a pandemic environment. Should legislation be passed to provide adequate safety/health measures that provide an acceptable level of safety for potential voters to participate. What methodology for voting is nationally acceptable? Ought we to discuss and implement measures which protect voters from Covid19 while giving voice to the true will of the voters?!?!

Or are we content to be enslaved by dictators intent on furthering their dictatorship over us?!?! We need to publicly address the enemy within before being consumed by their greed, arrogance and other malices that confront us.

The alternative is asylum applications abroad.

Damian Gomez Q C