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The PLP lost the general election in part because an assortment of wicked preachers was able to say that Prime Minister Perry Christie changed his mind and caused gambling to be legalized for Bahamians. Never mind that though, the decision to legalize gaming in The Bahamas was the right thing to do.  It is the only example in the contemporary era where the PLP put in place a policy which has empowered Black people.  Sebass Bastian and his partners have flourished since this decision. He has not been selfish with his ideas and his money.  On Thursday 23 May 2019 about three thousand people, all young upwardly mobile Bahamians in the main, showed up to hear about two new investment vehicles which he and his partners have invented in order to get ordinary Bahamians in investment vehicles.  This is a good thing and it has caused quite a buzz in the market.  The investment vehicles are not designed to sub for the Initial Public Offering for Sebass’s Island Luck but is supposed to be  general investment vehicles, duly authorized by the Securities Commission. They are Investar Securities and Titan Balanced Fund. Hilary Deveaux formerly of the Securities Commissions will superintend it.  The Board includes Shipping Owner Lowell Mortimer.  The video shows Sebass Bastian announcing the fund.  We hope it succeeds. When you connect the dots, the accumulation of wealth, legitimate wealth that caused this to happen is a decision by the PLP. How many in that room thought about it?  Not a one probably and most voted against the PLP and most probably think the PLP is corrupt, but alas not so corrupt as to not facilitate the good fortune which now unfolds.