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best cialis times;”>New Picture (2)

sildenafil times;”>Andre Rollins has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving for the PLP.  Last week, after he was accused by FNMs of leading the coup attempt at Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM Leader that brought Mr. Rollins into the FNM was engaged in aspirited debate on Facebook defending his actions.  The Tribune quoted him as regretting the fact that he left the PLP.  Mr. Rollins shot back to the PLPs on Facebook that they must be dreaming.  It went downhill from there.  But he must have had some second thoughts over night because the Facebook crowd woke up to a defence that seemed supercilious and ex post facto patching up for a drowning man.  We print it below.  The PLPs had a meal of it since, it was so obviously jokey. Fortune does indeed favour the bold, but not the crazy, rash and intemperate without loyalty to anyone and who can’t be trusted.

29 May 2016

What ails our nation is that we are a people who lack courage. We are afraid to take risks and do what we feel is right and necessary. We prefer to do what is convenient to our personal and financial wellbeing and say to hell with everyone else, as long as I get “mines”. You know what, if all I was made to do was to shake up the political establishment and inspire Bahamians to say enough of this bullshit, I want to have a say in who I want to be Prime Minister – understanding the immense power reposed in that office – and influence the direction of our nation, then I will do just that! It won’t be the PLP pushing Perry Christie on Bahamians and it won’t be the FNM denying Bahamians their right to have a say in the political process. That is what I came into politics in the NDP to achieve. If Dr. Hubert Minnis has what it takes to be Prime Minister, then he will weather this storm and prove himself the most fit to lead. If not, then the FNM will put the best man or woman in place to defeat the PLP and in the process deepen democracy in our beloved Bahamaland. Conventions are democracy in action and leaders must never be afraid to allow democracy to reign. I am indeed a new generation thinker. Fortune favors the bold!  — Andre Rollins