Andre Rollins Becomes More Tiresome And Irresponsible

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viagra buy ailment times;”>Description: One of the big mistakes that the PLP made in the last general election campaign was to nominate Andre Rollins for the seat in Ft. Charlotte.  He has proven to be an embarrassment.  Not only is he ill-mannered and crude, viagra sales capsule but some people question whether he is alright up there.  Even though he is in a new party, no rx he does not seem to have the discipline to be in the party or is it that because  people have now come to expect any crazy or cockamamie thing out of his mouth, that the FNM and the press put him to say the darndist things.  The PLP has to ask itself whether next time around, it will not seek to find out whether the people who it chooses for its candidates are psychologically sound, whether  they have a moral and ethical anchor that will hold, that we have people who understand the difference between what is private and what is public and the wisdom to know the difference.  Big mistake this Rollins fellow and the party is paying for it.