Andre Rollins MP And Renward Wells MP Have A Hard Act To Follow

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viagra buy pilule times;”>(They’ll Think Of Something)

try times;”>The report is that Andre Rollins, the PLP rogue MP and his supporter Renward Wells PLP MP for Bamboo Town were “stenching” last week during the budget debate.  They should as back benchers have been in the early line up. Instead they appeared not to be coming to the House of Assembly or visibly so, so that they could not get placed in the lineup before the PLP’s heavy hitters.  The thinking is that  maybe they would have a surprise to pull on the PLP as well like Greg Moss MP Marco City who announced his resignation on Monday 8th June from the PLP. They will have a hard act to follow after Greg Moss pulled that stunt in the House last Monday.  That sucked up all the oxygen from Andre Rollins who will have to come up with something even more outrageous if he is to be able to get Candia Dames and Eileen Carron to pay him any mind on their front pages. No doubt the  two of them will  think of something.  We remember the competition for prominence ( in a friendly way) that existed when Rev. Myles Munroe was alive with now Bishop Neil Ellis.  At the memorial service for late Sir Lynden Pindling the two had to speak one right after the next.  Bishop Ellis spoke with passion about a  “ fresh wind blowing” and he gave the PLP their line for the election and wowed the mourning crowd. When he sat down Myles Munroe was next.  We all thought: “ what is going to do?”  He broke down and cried.  It was priceless.