Andre Rollins On The Nasty Song

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cialis times, serif;”>Politics’ version in The Bahamas of the wild man of Borneo Andre Rollins actually has social limits. Wonders never effen cease.  He actually has self-imposed limits.  The saying for that: he may be crazy but he aint fool.  Here is what he said about that nasty song doing the rounds about the PM and his family:

I have my differences and disagreements with the prime minister on matters of politics and policy. However, as many objective observers can attest, the verbal assaults that Mr. Christie suffers are absorbed by him with incredible invincibility. Many others would be physically and mentally destroyed by what he has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to endure. As a matter of fact, this is a major reason why many in our country with much to offer, instead choose not to offer themselves for public office. Despite the prime minister’s impressive strength in this regard, what naturally is very difficult for even him to stomach, and all others in the public arena, is the indecent and unwarranted assault on a politician’s family. I am certain that the prime minister could not care less what people may say or think about him as a politician. He understands that the very nature of politics invites criticisms of the harshest kind. Nevertheless, like all of us on the political front lines, he rightly expects that his family will not be cheaply targeted by those spewing their caustic political venom. Even while being adversaries in the midst of the cut and thrust of partisan politics, we – FNMs, PLPs and DNAs – must accept that the families of our political opponents are not fair game! Indeed, they are off limits! As a people, we must certainly remain passionate about our politics, but we must ensure that we do so without being indecent. I would like to publicly send my love to Mrs. Bernadette Christie and the entire Christie family. I invite all Bahamians to responsibly hold the government accountable for their stewardship of our beloved country. May God bless us all and bestow on us His grace.