Andrew Allen On Hubert Minnis

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viagra usa ed times;”>No doubt putting himself in the category of thinking FNMs, Andrew Allen, the Tribune columnist wrote this about the leader of the FNM on 17 November in The Nassau Guardian:

Thinking FNMs will be horrified by the untenable and frankly absurd position that Minnis’ latest ruse has left the party in.  Having presented evidence of apparent maladministration on the part of Renward Wells in executing a letter of intent with a foreign entity, the party then turns around and, in a shameless volte face, proposes to give him one of the most important shadow cabinet portfolios.  All of this without Wells having ever fully explained himself. 

This is not the first demonstration on the part of Hubert Minnis that he is unfit to lead the NM, but hopefully it will be among the last. 

One thing is for certain.  Under Minnis dreadful, clueless and incompetent leadership, the FNM is certain to lose the next election miserably.  It is long past time to remove him

Andrew Allen

(Son of the former MP and Minister of Finance under the FNM Sir William Allen)