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( reprinted in The Nassau Guardian)


The Editor


It sometimes seems that whenever members of the younger breed of Bahamian politicians open their mouths, cialis prescription they expose of vast and depressing contrast between the trappings of youth and progressivism that the present and the reality of their in the thoughts.

In the last three weeks, best viagra and three young politicians have hinted at not supporting the constitutional amendment on sexual equality. All three have expressed their discomfort with the amendment on purely gay-baiting grounds [It could lead to gay marriage, there they say]. It seems Messrs. McCartney, Wells and Rollins are prepared to sacrifice the equality of Bahamian women in order to ensure that discrimination against gays remains fool-proof.

Modernity of age and judgment are not always the same thing, as Portia in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice was to learn. And as the gay-baiting of the DNA, Wells and Rollins demonstrates, there is always the danger of confusing the trappings of youthful progressive-mindedness.

The DNA burst onto the stage, announcing itself as a harbinger of the future and a bringer of bright, new ideas. Yet it has advanced nothing more progressive and the idea that the more established politicians/parties are Boring [in other words, ” it’s our time, so stop hogging all the attention”], and a determination to stay in the news. It is also been quick to play the religion card

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Consider this: the octogenarian Arthur Dion Hannah, born the year of penicillin and prior to the advent of household plastic, loses no opportunity to dispel the nonsense that we are or should be a Christian nation. He states, rightly, that this is a wrongful reading of the Constitution he helped to write.

When you contrast this to the constant, tiresome appeals to Christian bigotry of younger MPs, it suggests we are moving in the wrong direction.

On gay rights, members of Hanna’s Christie/Ingraham’s generation are generally mum, an understandable position for progressive men born into an age without the benefit of modern perspectives on science and human sexuality.

Contrast this to the cringe-worthy and cynical gay-baiting their younger colleagues are willing to engage in, even at the expense of equality for Bahamian women.

Despite all of our steps backward and forward on this issue, we are moving inexorably in the right direction in this country on gay rights [the most important civil rights issue in the world today].

The departing generation of Bahamian politicians have quietly and non-confrontationally dismantled the vestiges of legal homophobia at every opportunity, the fact that me not even been known to most payments today.

Pindling is still the only Caribbean leader to drag his country into the civilized camp of Nations by repealing the “buggery” laws [way back in 1991], while Ingraham stood his ground and made gay tourists most welcome here. These things make us a surprising exception to what the world depressingly expects of black societies.

Who knows, this country might actually get over it’s over over-religiosity and related prejudices altogether one day. It would help if politicians young enough to know better either got with the times, Or learned to keep their mouths firmly shut.
– Andrew Allen