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29th July 2019

(Editor’s Note: When the Senate last met on 29th July, 2019, Senator Fred Mitchell raised the case of he Eyewitness News Team excluded from a public function at the Island House owned by the Holowesko family with which the News Operation is in a private legal dispute.  Here is the observation from Andrew Burrows who witnessed the matter.  This appeared on his Facebook page on 209th July 2019 — Editor)

I witnessed the most blatant act of press intimidation ever this morning when a media outlet was asked to get off of the property of a venue where a private meeting was booked and the press were invited. The explanation given, after the fact, was that due to a pending legal dispute, the ownership did not care to have that news agency on or around it’s property. 

So the client that booked the meeting and invited the press didn’t get so much as a basic courtesy to say this is what they are doing. It was a clear display of the old Bay Street Boys, or Girls, on display and it was sickening to say the least. I suppose in some people’s mind, money and power trumps everything else, even basic decency.

46 years later and we’re still under the thumb of the oligarchy. Don’t get it twisted. Just because a few negroes may be sitting at the table doesn’t make it any less a plantation. And the worst part is the affected agency can’t even speak on it openly. 

The Bahamas IS a real place. It’s the flipping people who aren’t real.