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Statement From The Chairman of the PLP
On Conflict Of Interest Allegations On Senator Michael Darville

For Immediate Release

18 July 2019

There is a story circulating that the former Minister of the Government Michael Darville had a conflict of interest in the lease of buildings purportedly owned by the brothers of the former Minister and allegedly his late father.

The former Minister has reported that he has and had at all material times no pecuniary or other interest in these buildings. He was not a party to the leases, nor is he now, nor does he have now, nor did he have at all material times in the past any pecuniary or other interest in the buildings or the leases. 

The former Minister also reports that he played no role in the negotiations, nor Cabinet decisions in connection with the buildings or the leases.

There is no conflict.

This is an attempt to compare the conduct of Brent Symonette to the case of the former Minister. The cases are not the same. Mr Symonette is declared to be the owner of the building leased to the government. Mr Symonette was involved in the negotiations to lease the building. 

As advised, none of this applied in the case of Dr. Darville.