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The joke of the week has to be the Minnis move to shift the work of the Marijuana Commission of The Bahamas from the Ministry of Health to the Office of the Prime Minister.  When asked by the press why the move was made, the Prime Minister responded that he was concerned by the fact that the report of the Commission was leaked to the press before it was officially presented.  This meant that he was moving the matter to his office to prevent further leaks. Curiously, the next day the press ran a headline based on an interview with the judicially condemned Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands. He said that he did not know who leaked the report.  In other words, he was saying “ it wasn’t me”.  Well some things follow from that for those pundits who like to read the political tea leaves. If the Prime Minister has no confidence in the Ministry of Health, then that means really he had no confidence in the Minister. The Minister got the point quickly when he said that it wasn’t he who leaked the report.  Lynden Pindling fired one of his ministers for leaking stuff from Cabinet to the press. So we put two and two together here. Dr. Sands must do more and offer his resignation. The Prime Minister must dismiss Dr. Sands.