Archdeacon Brown Dismissed

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cialis generic times;”>You may remember a story that surfaced in the press last year when the late Bismark Coakley was buried from St Agnes Church in Grants Town in New Providence.  During the service the rector of the church then Archdeacon Ranfurly Brown sounded off in public about the fact that the Prime Minister Perry Christie and other speakers spoke for too long a time and therefore he could not stay as he had another funeral to attend.  He then promptly packed up and left.  The press now says that the Bishop of the Diocese Laish Boyd asked the Archdeacon to apologise to the Prime Minister.  Knowing Archdeacon Brown, it was not surprising that the press reported that he refused.  The result is that he has been relieved of his post of Archdeacon, so the press says.  An Archdeacon is  a title in the Anglican Church which is similar to being a Cabinet minister in the Government.  This is the inner circle of the Bishop’s advisers.  So as at 1st February the press says, he is out and is now just a regular parish priest.  Some are saying that it is not as simple as not apologizing to the Prime Minister.  The larger issue is a conflict of wills between man who is Bishop who  got the job unexpectedly over more senior clerics like James Palacious, Keith Cartwright and Rev. Brown a decade ago.  Most have gotten over it but others have not.