Archdeacon James Palacious Missteps

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Marion Bethel, the Poet and Bahamian representative on the Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women at the United Nations, was aghast at the statements made by Archdeacon James Palacious at a public rally at the end of the Majority Rule Day March.  The Reverend Father said “Black people breed too much”.  He then seemed to apologise for the white MP Richard Lightbourn who had earlier caused grave offence when the MP said from the FNM’s platform that women should have their tubes tied involuntarily.  The Reverend Father was seeking to say that when people make their choices for having children they should exercise judgement about the economics of it.  Couple of things.  He is right save that he  does not understand that people are in fact exercising economic judgements.  Children as far as this culture is concerned is a blessing.  The more the merrier.   Secondly, Ms. Bethel made the point of the irony of making that case on Majority Rule Day, to say Black people who won majority governance on 10 January are breeding too much, walks right into the trap set by the white man.  You people have too many children.  It didn’t come off well at all.