Are The Scientists Right On Containment?

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Those of you  who have not read Albert Camus’ The Plague then you should. Mr. Camus who was 28 years old when he wrote the book, studied all the plagues that had taken place in Europe from back in the 14 th century.  What is clear in the book is that no matter how we think we have advanced as a modern civilization there are some things which come and strike us down when we least expect it.  It is clear that in this present crisis, we are no farther along than when the black death took pace in the 14th century.  We are still arguing containment and isolation and it is not more effective today than it was then.  The only thing that’s tops it is if we find a vaccine or if we let it run its course and the thing dies out on its own. That is harsh but we think it is a true summary of where we are.  You ask the question this way: if containment worked why did the virus escape China where it is said to have originated?