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So a video is circulating, that of an activist in Grand Bahama, engaged in a rant about the fact that there is going to be a concert in Nassau to mark the passing of Hurricane Dorian three years ago.  This is a particularly vexing problem for the people of Grand Bahama and Abaco who see it as a kind of slap in the face for them when many of them are still not back to normal but it appears that nothing will be done in terms of marking the occasion in  those islands.

The reason we mention this is because one year as a government comes up on 16 September 2022 and it occurs to us like we said two weeks ago, the bloom is off the rose, the honey moon is over, call it what you will.

So the activist who is engaged in the rant,  was helped in many causes since the  general election but that has not been enough to keep him on side.  He  has returned to the activist tradition and it is known that he is seeking to carve out a space to run for office going into the next general election.

Similarly, down in Long Island, a woman says after her transfer was not done that “ the PLP is not checking for us”.  She had to be reminded that two plus two equal four and not five.  The point of  that was that there is a propensity amongst those who are some of the more ardent PLP supporters that well  because something did not happen for them within a year that this means that “ the PLP is not checking for them”.  The rationality of it does not add up in the face of all the other logical reasons like inadvertence or bureaucratic inertia before you get to “the PLP is not checking for us”

The most interesting one is the dash  and morbid concentration on contracts to weed the sides of the roads.  Every week Members of Parliament and one guesses other officials are  deluged by complaints and demands from people who did not get a contract to weed the side of the road.  Weeding the side of the road seems to be the formula for getting the government to pay you money for doing nothing it seems. Or for people who do not want to work but pay others to do the job and then get some money after paying someone else to weed the side of the road.

That’s where we are dear readers. One year in and it appears that the boxers have withdrawn to their corners and spoiling again for a fight.  If this is the true interpretation, then the PLP has to begin building a new coalition, if they want to retain office in four years’ time.

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