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Bruce Flatt Brookfield CEO, owners of Atlantis

Since the pandemic started, the Bahamian population at large accused the Bahamas Government of applying two sets of rules, one for the rich white foreigners and the other for the local Black Bahamians.  So people were saying that Albany the exclusive enclave out west in New Providence operated like nothing had changed, so did the Holowesko operation out at Lyford Cay.  Now comes the latest news not from The Bahamas government but from the Chief Of Brookfield Bruce Flatt, the asset management company, that owns Atlantis at Paradise Island with its 4000 rooms. He announced that they would be starting on 1 December 2020 to bring in tourists in their own Atlantis aircraft and transfer them seamlessly to a buses which they own and then to Atlantis where they will remain in a bubble until their departure in these same conditions.  This did not come from the Bahamas government but from the foreign owner of Atlantis. What a time! What a time!