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Ed Fields was incensed that the talk around town is that he was fired from Atlantis where he has worked in public affairs for more than  decade.  According to Mr. Fields, he is now doing similar work at the new Prince George Project and he is also doing independent consulting.  Meanwhile, while that truth spoiled a good story, the truth also is that Brookfield, the bean counters that own Atlantis, since the Kerzner Group defaulted on the mortgage, have announced that they have taken the property off the market.  Last we heard, it was being sold to Phil Ruffin, the billionaire friend of Donald Trump ( both have East European trophy wives). Mr. Ruffin owned a hotel here before.  It was called the Crystal Palace and he ran into the ground.  It was a total dump.  Don’t think that he would have been good for The Bahamas. So thank God for small mercies.  Brookfield is only marginally better.  They have announced that they would do some additional investment in upgrading Atlantis which has become somewhat of a  tired product.  They are also in the middle of labour unrest when they unilaterally decided that they will change the pay date from weekly to every other week. We shall see.