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An FNM Kahlil Parker heads the Bar Council

The Attorney General Carl Bethel has been an active defender of the FNM government in their wrongdoing.  He is an expert at being able to cobble together something that sounds like a legal doctrine but which is really gobbledygook.  This provides a fig leaf for the illegality of the FNM administration. So the latest is that the Bar Council headed by the FNM Kahlil Parker has refused to give the nod to two lawyers brought in from Uganda to work as Deputies of the Director of Public Prosecutions.  The Attorney General says that they had to hire from overseas because they could find no one to take the jobs  who is from here.  The two people were recruited and brought to The Bahamas and are being paid and are at work. Except that they cannot practice at the Bar because the Bar Council says they are not legally qualified.  The Attorney General’s last response last week was to accuse the BA Council of being political.  The problem is the Bar Council is run by the FNM. Oh well trouble in the camp we guess.