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The traveller’s in The Bahamas are not well served by the airlines that fly them around, nor by the regulator that is to be looking after their safety.  Flights on each of the airlines are late routinely.  They keep passengers waiting without explanation and there is no explanation at all for late departures. What folks can’t understand is why a plane that has been sting on the tarmac all night waiting for the flight  departure at 6:30 a m or 7 a m cannot leave on time? Why can’t they stop cancelling flights at will or abandoning their schedules just because they figure the load doesn’t justify it? This is simply unacceptable.  Appeals to the regulator go unanswered.  They seem not to take the affairs of consumers seriously. We think that there are also safety issues. The report of the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO) on the airport shows that there are plenty of issues relating to the airport. No doubt the regimes on airplanes are equally as slack.  Someone must sit up and take notice.  You cannot put on brakes and park on the side of the road when something goes wrong in the air.