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Tribune photo of the Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest

So  you remember when the FNM first came to power Peter Turnquest , the worst Minister of Finance in the history of our country, was saying how the PLP left the cupboard bare.  Notwithstanding that lie, Mr. Turnquest and his FNM colleagues were able to go out into the markets both at home and abroad and borrow 3 billion dollars for the country in the space of time that they have been in office,  So clearly the cupboard was not bare.  So last week, after climbing down again from his idle boast about lessening the deficit, he was predicting that this fiscal year the deficit will be the staggering deficit of 800 million dollars. That’s up from the 122 million he was predicting when he gave the budget last year. Mind you the PLP told him so. We told him one hurricane would blow his calculations off the mark and now we have not had not one but two. The latest is Hurricane Covid 19. So in the face of this, what does Peter Turnquest now say about the cupboard. Is it bare? How would he describe it?