Bahamas Government Drops The Ball On The Advisory

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The following statements were issued by the Progressive Liberal Party following reports of the stabbing of Bahamasair Manager form Freeport Harold Williams:

20 March 2019

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Tourism both fell into error and let the Bahamian Bahamian people down in their failure to properly advise Bahamian travellers going to Miami and South Florida. They gave extemporaneous statements outside the Cabinet on 19 March 2019.

One minister saw it in terms of tit for tat since it would look like we were retaliating for the US Advisory. The other said that we should not offend the Americans because they might stop their tourists from coming here.

Both ministers are unfit to lead if those foolish statements are truly what they believe.

First the Foreign Ministry and the Government have the responsibility to advise its citizens wherever there is a credible report of danger when travelling abroad. Certainly this unprovoked attack warrants a warning for Bahamian travellers to be careful.

As to the tourists not coming here because we say that our people should be careful over there, that is silly. The U S cares not one wit if we give a truthful assessment of conditions in terms of travel to the US. Certainly the US tourists coming here would not be concerned either. In fact most would say they agree with us that we ought to be careful.

What a sorry bunch of leaders we have. They are afraid of their own shadows. They have forgotten that their primary mission is to protect the Bahamian people and speak up for their interests.


18 March 2019

The PLP is deeply concerned about reports of an unprovoked stabbing and serious wounds to Harold Williams, a Manager of Bahamasair on Saturday 16 March 2019. It appears that this may be maybe a hate crime. The matter is being investigated.

The Government of The Bahamas ought to say what the position is on this matter and if indeed it is so classified as a hate crime.

The issue bears some greater importance given the constant attacks on public safety matters by US officials about The Bahamas.