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Two days after Hurricane Category 4 storm passed Bermuda.

Compare and contrast the response in Bermuda by their government and power company and tourism agency to that of The Bahamas.  No further comment:

Within 24 hours, cialis usa Bermuda bounced back from one of the strongest storms in the island country’s long history. Hurricane Nicole, a dangerous Category 4 storm, hit Bermuda Thursday, October 13 toppling trees, flooding neighbourhood streets and knocking out power to 90% of the island. However, strict building codes and a tireless commitment to hurricane preparedness paved the way for a wide-ranging recovery effort immediately following the storm. By this afternoon, power was restored to 22,000 customers with 5,300 remaining. There were no major injuries nor loss of life as a result of Hurricane Nicole. All hotels are open with little to no damage and the airport is now open. – Bermuda Tourism Authority

13 days after the storm passed New Providence: 

Dear Customers:

We are pushing ahead to 100 (100% restoration) but we need your help!

Residents in Sea Breeze and Imperial Park whose properties border our transmission lines are asked to make those properties available as soon as possible.

BPL will be working in your area again tomorrow and we need access to those lines in order for us to provide power to our customers in this area.

Help us get the power on!