Bahamas Power And Light Black Out

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The power company had another excuse on 12 May 2020 about why the whole island of New Providence was plunged into darkness. This time they said it was a switching error made by a staff member who was slightly injured in the turnover from one station to the next. Hmmm. The country does not trust BPL and its managers. Most expect the islands to be in darkness all summer long. The Opposition Leader’s statement:

12 May 2020

For Immediate Release

While the facts in this particular instance of the outage by BPL may be particular to the case yesterday, I am still concerned and I have been briefed about the continued systemic challenges that BPL has.  These challenges led to the disaster of last summer and nothing that has transpired since last year which satisfies us that the underlying and systemic issues have been solved. There continue to be reports about the inadequacy of the machines recently purchased and the competence of the management systems at BPL and the inability to solve the financial issues which plague the corporation. They are still unable to convince the market of the soundness of their rate reduction bond. So our general views remain the same.

I trust that anyone who was hurt in yesterday’s incident fully recovers.