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Bahamasair, the national flag carrier, announced on Friday 31st January 2020, that the crisis over the lack of tracking software in its old 737 jets is over.  The jets have all been fitted with the necessary software. In the mean time though, they fired Prince Storr, their Director of Maintenance, even though they lied to the public saying he resigned. Tommy Turnquest, the Chairman of Bahamasair, who claimed that he was taking full responsibility for the faux pas which led to the cancellation of flights by the jets into the US, did not resign but instead chose to sack a faithful maintenance engineer who has been working for Bahamasair for 33 years. They offered the man 9 months severance after 33 years.  He should have gotten 18 months at least or at least what they offered others in his circumstances one year.  But the reports say that the FNM Chairman Tommy Turnquest said it was nine months, take it or leave it.