Bahamasair’s New Plane Arrives In Nassau

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Story by Athama Bowe

Tuesday, December, 1st, 2015, Bahamasair took another step to upgrade its Fleet, in order to reduce costs, improve Customer Service and extend the Routing. The Bahamas Government supported the submission of the Board, Chairman Valentine Grimes and Hon. DPM Philip Brave Davis.
DPM Hon. Brave Davis expressed considerable delight with the overall professional standards and successes of the Staff at Bahamasair. They have been working very hard to cut costs without reducing Customer Services to the valued Customers. 

Ret. Archbishop Drexel Gomez prayed for the Commissioning of the ATR72-600 Series,70 seater aircraft, as attending Cabinet Ministers, Board Members, Government Officials, Guests and Staff, saluted the moment. 

We can be very proud that the new ATR72,was flown across the Atlantic, France to the Bahamas, by two young and brilliant pilots..Capt. Shannon Galanis and F/O Cameron Pratt.

Both of these pilots have roots in the Family Islands. Capt. Galanis is connected to Eleuthera and F/O Pratt, Glinton’s and Deadmans Cay, Long Island.
Managing Director Henry Woods is so very proud of his Team!

Senior Director at the Ministry of Tourism, Tyrone Sawyer, complimented Bahamasair on the upgrade of its Fleet.
The setting was lovely, the refreshments delightful!

In her remarks, Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin congratulated Bahamasair on its Service and Safety Record.
Insp. Bastian and the RBPF Pop Band, enhanced the occasion with popular Bahamian Music and Christmas tunes.

A very proud moment for Bahamasair and us all. 

Good to see Capt. Gus Roberts, Capt. Michael Weech, Capt. Ashley Cooper, Paul Demeritte and cabin attendant, Ms. McKenzie

The ATR72,is comfortable, with an impressive interior. Lovely