Bahamasuncensored Says Vote For Hilary Clinton

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Trump Fails The Test

A cartoon from the New Yorker

We are firmly in the Hilary Clinton Camp for the next general election in the United States.  On 8 November, buy cialis we are urging all U S citizens with a vote to vote for Hilary Clinton.  She is clearly the most qualified and she is clearly the one with the most experience and will continue the ways of the traditional liberal democracy that has been the cornerstone of the Western democracies since at least the Second World War.  No more is this more obvious a necessity and demand than for the Black community in the United States.  There are hundreds of Bahamians who are dual nationals and therefore have a vote in the U.S. We urge you to vote for Hilary Clinton.  Donald Trump is in a word a jackass.  He is a racist.  He is boorish.  He has turned on its head everything that we have been trying to inculcate in western society as decent, respectable and civil.  Mrs. Clinton and her government will not be perfect.  It this case it is not even about the lesser of two evils because we do not consider her evil at all.  This is about the best chance to get the best relationship with the United States for The Bahamas.  We say vote for Hilary Clinton.