Bahamian Press Ignores Bahamian Foreign Policy Statement

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In a far ranging Foreign Policy statement delivered at the start of diplomatic week on Monday 18th October but widely ignored by the Bahamian press, cialis buy the Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell laid out the Bahamas position in the world:

That the Bahamas is firmly in the western camp under the leadership of the United States of America as the world has been constructed since the Second World War;

That the language employed by Donald Trump in the U S Presidential campaign is an unacceptable example for Bahamian citizens and Bahamians should know that this is not to be followed.

That the United States must occupy the moral high ground in its race relations because a failure to do so threatens the security of Bahamians, cialis particularly young people who look to the United States as a secure country for their education, health care and tourism.  This would also ensure that visa decisions are not questioned on the basis of parochial concerns like race.

You may click here for the full statement