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The pressure is getting to the Minister. Minister of Works.  Desmond Bannister told the Nassau Guardian on Thursday 8th  August 2019 that he would no longer speak to them because they had a political agenda. That’s interesting since the management of the Nassau Guardian has led the charge to put the FNM in office. It is difficult to understand why a Minister whose government came to power on the promise of transparency would get into such a  statement.  There are plenty of options in between, if he did not want to speak to them. That is why you have a press secretary or the Bahamas Information Services.  You also could just not answer their phone calls, or promise to call them back and don’t but why would you say on the record that you are not going to speak to them. This is all because he does not have the answer to a  worsening power problem in The Bahamas.  My my.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.