Bar Association President Is Wrong On The Privileges Committee

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On 21 September an article in The Tribune quotes the President of the Bar Association  Elsworth Johnson calling on lawyers to resist the inquiry of the Committee on Privileges of The House.  All of them have joined the FNM chorus led by Fred Smith and Joe Darville of Dave The Bays and the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association that somehow the Committee on Privileges is doing something wrong because it is launching its own investigation into a perverse ruling by a Judge of the Supreme Court which purports to injunct the Parliament from speaking.  The  complaints from them are ridiculous and ill conceived.  They are really politically driven.  We encourage the Committee to continue its work without fear or favour.  Let the chips fall where they may.  The question here is not about any stolen e mails ( which were not stolen), viagra usa the question is Save The Bays and its real purpose for existence.  In other words, is the allegation correct that they received 8 million dollars in funding from the Bacon interests overseas to destabilize the government of The Bahamas?  That is the only question, a narrow one.  All the rest of it is irrelevant. We hope the Committee keeps its eyes on that fact.