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So Bahamians are enamoured of the Caricom flavour of the month Mia Motley the Prime Minister of Barbados.  The numbers of Covid cases are low and she is  said to be running a  good ship down there.  But if this is what Bahamians want to do to get into and be in their own country then take a listen.  When you arrive as a visitor to Barbados, or returning resident, you meet three different lines.  You get a band of different colours, depending on whether you are a tourist or  resident or in transit and you have to wear that while you are in Barbados. You have to go straight to your hotel room ( if you are staying) or a government quarantine facility, dorms of 16 with common bathrooms.  Then once you are  in your hotel, you have to stay there without visitors for two days.  You then have to take a PCR test at the end of the two day,  which costs U S 300 dollars if you go to private facility.  You are still not free to go. You have to wait in your hotel room for the results. If it is negative, then you can leave the room and go to your abode. By the way while you are in the room, in jail really, you have to take your temperature twice a day  and send a what’s app picture of the result to the minders of Covid in Barbados. After you leave the hotel for the next 7 days they are monitoring you with temperature checks and  test results again. This is not a nice time.  It is a nuisance.  Sounds like we need to stay home in The Bahamas. It also sounds like a money racket as well.