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In the press communique at the Heads of Government meeting in Barbados last week, the Secretary General of  the Commonwealth got the endorsement of her region the CARICOM region for another term as Secretary General which expires this year.  Baroness Patricia Scotland has been the victim of a relentless racist and sexist campaign by British right wing newspapers ever since she got the job five years ago.  We support her re-appointment. Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand all announced that they were withholding money from the Commonwealth because they were dissatisfied about spending controls. The latest report from the auditors proves that this was totally untrue.  We will see what the countries, all with majority white populations, now have to say. The Progressive Liberal Party released a note of support:

Opposition Spokesman On Foreign Affairs

For Immediate Release

21 February 2020

The PLP welcomes the news that Caricom at its recent meeting of Heads of Government in Barbados are supporting the reelection of Baroness Patricia Scotland as the Secretary General of the Commonwealth. We think that is a good decision.

We urge Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to do the same.

It is our hope that our African and Pacific brother and sisters will do the same.