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Some of us remember the HIV and Aids pandemic. Many of our friends died from it. Those who were around  in the 1980s can remember the cocaine problem in the country that struck many of our friends and with it HIV and Aids. Some of our country’s finest minds, including one  former Member of Parliament died during that time. There was no cure and it had a 100 per cent mortality.  It was frightening  It changed the way people had sex and the questions you asked when you met someone. Now they have medicines that can control it. So like diabetes, HIV and Aids seem to be manageable diseases.  While people keep thinking that Covid 19 will have a vaccine, the HIV does not even to this day. So there is no guarantee that Covid will get one.  The more likely event is that like HIV and Aids they will find some medicine which will help to stop it in its tracks. There is nothing new under the sun.  When many of those born in the fifties were children, every summer, the fear of polio got us.  Now that is a thing of the past.  One thing you know is Jah will lick you with diseases.