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Philip Davis, the Leader of the Opposition held his monthly press conference on Tuesday 8th January, at Gambier House, the PLP’s Headquarters. He pointed out that the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has been strangely and inexplicably intervening to overrule Ministers on their decisions within their portfolios.  The example that he gave was the recent opening of the schools.  The report is that Belinda Wilson disagreed with the Ministry of Education opening the schools on Thursday 3rd January.  Ms. Wilson wanted schools to open on Monday 7th January.  When she couldn’t get her way, she went to the Prime Minister and voila the schools’ opening date was changed to 7th January.  A similar thing reportedly happened when the Minister of Labour would not give Ms. Wilson a strike certificate because the Minister was advised that there was not a ground in law to grant one, the vote not having been properly taken.  That was appealed to the Prime Minister who ordered the Minister of Labour to grant the certificate and so it was.  It appears that whatever Belinda wants Belinda gets. People are trying to figure out why.  The talk is the Prime Minister is embarrassed because he promised to make her the Director of Education.  When he could not fulfill the promise because of a threatened revolt in the Ministry of Education, he has been trying to find ways to appease and please the errant labour leader.  Again: go figure.