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This letter from Belinda Wilson, Chair of the Bahamas Union Of Teachers: seems she is vex about how teachers are being treated by the Ministry. Came to our attention on Thursday 26 March 2020:

Good evening DS Forbes why would you send out information accusing teachers of acting like they are on vacation? The teachers did not cause the coronavirus Pandemic.  Now that the Department of Education has failed to provide a plan and guidance teachers are being harassed.  I want to caution you that teachers have out of their own free will,  love and passion for teachers started classes online, through what’s app messages and various devices.  These devices in case you do not know are their personal items.  The Ministry of Education has not provided any tools, data,  iPads,  internet or Minutes for any teachers to my knowledge.  So the audacity of you or whomever gave you the instructions to demand from teachers is out of order against all fairness. You should be praising teachers for the efforts they have made. It is very disturbing that leaders at the Department of Education are so far removed from reality. It seems as though very little thought is given to these decisions that are made. You do not  have information about the students so why you must put that burden on teachers.  Use the information that the Ministry of Education has to do your jobs. I will advise my members  accordingly as I have been doing to continue to do the best they can and to keep records and notes to the best of their ability.  When the Ministry of Education provides the tools for the teachers to perform their duties then you and anyone else can make demands of them.

Regrettably,  Belinda Wilson,  President Bahamas Union of Teachers 

Cc: Minister Jeffrey Lloyd 
PS Armbrister