Berencia Isaacs, Wife of Court of Appeal Justice Dies

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The wife of Justice of Appeal Jon Isaacs, Berencia Issacs died on 3 June 2020. She was reportedly 58 years old and had been suffering for some time. She was the daughter of noted Queen’s Counsel Bertram Maccauley, originally from Sierra Leone and a resident of Jamaica.  Mrs. Isaacs is survived by her husband Jon and her two sons Jordan and Jon Jr. The following tribute to Mrs. Isaacs was written by former Attorney General Allyson Gibson:

Dear Editor:

I have just heard of the passing of Berencia Isaacs. My husband Max joins me in extending sympathy and assuring the Isaacs family of our prayers.

Mrs. Isaacs set an amazing pace and gave a stellar example of the importance of hard work. She was gracious about her heritage and her abundant intelligence. One would never have known from her about her Father as a legend nor about her own accomplishments as an accountant. I admired the fact that she was an entrepreneur who was keenly aware of the needs of the market. 

Maid for a Day was a brilliant idea. As a working Mom she knew what was needed to support other Moms in this space (and Dads). I know that she helped many people just because they needed help. She did not allow abuse of her generosity to prevent her from helping others. Whenever we spoke about it, she would smile and never complain.

She also quietly supported many SME’s, many of whom are now successful.

I speak now of the devotion, love and comfort that Justice of Appeal Isaacs personally gave her. For this he will receive many blessings.

Mrs. Isaacs in her own right is an important part of our national tapestry. She gave much. Quietly.

May she rest in peace.

Allyson Gibson Q C