Betsy Dingman Dragged Into The Controversy Over Duane Sands

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People who are her friends can’t understand why Betsy Dingman, the widow of the Billionaire Mike Dingman, got herself caught up in the public controversy about the entry of some non-nationals in The Bahamas under the aegis of Dr. Duane Sands, the now disgraced Minister of Health who was forced out of office last week. It is a fact that she had nothing to do with it. Mrs. Dingman who is usually quite a private citizen was heard on the Eyewitness Newscast explaining that she was let into The Bahamas after five weeks in the U S and how she was grateful to be home, that she had never met Dr. Sands and that she had nothing to do with those people let in on the plane. Unfortunately, she then became the object of another controversy that she had been given special treatment because she was wealthy and a Lyford Cay resident. Rodney Moncur, the talk show host claimed and alleged, she was let in to attend the funeral of her dog.  Not nice.  But this is definitely one of those times when silence would have been golden. We hasten to remind the public Betsy Dingman is not the issue. Hubert Minnis is the issue.