Bishop Moses Johnson Throws Down The Gauntlet

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viagra times;”>The proponents of the amendments to the constitution had better get their skates on and start working.  Their voices seemed to be drowned out in silence.  All we hear is these retrograde statements from people who are clearly operating out of ignorance over four simple amendments which will simply give men and women the same thing that now exists in the constitution.  Suddenly everyone is so smart and sex now means sexual orientation.  Interesting.  The latest to weigh in against it is Bishop Moses Johnson of the Church of God. He is otherwise a temperate man so no one can understand where this is coming from.  The bet is there is just an anti-government, anti PLP feeling around now and so this vote is a convenient way to express that.  Also, the proponents seem to think that this is all matter logic and not a matter of feeling.  The ladies of quality are everywhere explaining and splaining but it’s not getting through.  Everywhere you turn, it’s no, no no. When will the yes people start saying something?  Bishop Johnson said he would not vote to support same sex marriage which is what they all claim changing the constitution to say there shall be equality between men and women will do.  It does no such thing but it appears you can talk until you blue in the face they still keep saying it.  He was speaking at his church’s convention.  Not only did he announce it but so did the wife of FNM candidate in the last election Johnly Ferguson on 25 March, who also spoke at the convention.