Black And White On The Bahamian Beaches

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While people are excited about the struggle for Black lives in the United States, the battle goes on undisguised and with not so subtle but internalized racism and colourism unabated in The Bahamas.  So two people’s experiences on the Montagu Beach during the Covid 19 Crisis. The beaches are closed by law. So a black man in his fifties is walking the beach at around 5 a.m.  He does this every morning, done so for thirty years every morning.  One morning during the emergency, he is spotted by the police, arrested and taken to the Central Police Station for violating the curfew laws. The matter was diffused when the Superintendent in charge let him free.  Now another story: white man walking, the same beach in the same circumstances.  The police stop him.  They ask him if he is aware that the beach is closed. He says that he was not.  They warn him and send him on his way.