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The event was planned to demonstrate the people power of the PLP and the dissatisfaction of the PLP with the rigged electoral boundaries on which the then governing UBP wanted to fight the General Election of 1967.  Leader of the Opposition  Lynden Pindling as he then was threw the Speaker’s Mace out of the window of the House and then led his members out to the streets where people sat down in protest before moving to the Southern Recreation Grounds.  Thousands were there.  The event which was catalytic for political change is to be commemorated on Tuesday 28th April in the Rawson Square at 7:30 p m.  The Speakers will be Glenys Hanna Martin, Minister of Transport;  Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister Perry Christie.   The MC will be Obie Wilchcombe,  the Minister of Tourism. Come out and attend.