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Four hundred or close enough people have died in two brand new Boeing 737 aircraft crashes within the last six months. The Ethiopian Airlines Company that flew the last of them that crashed immediately grounded all the rest of their fleet. They were followed by the British, the Chinese, the Indians. The Americans kept insisting that the aircraft was airworthy and that there was no need to intervene. Ultimately, they did. This seems a not so strange case in America today of putting money over the lives of people. This is the America of President Donald Trump. Then the President went on television and suddenly announced that they were stopping the planes from flying. So, what happened and what do they know that we do not know? Morality is something that has to be taught. You have to know right from wrong. When this all comes out in the wash, it will be clear that the Boeing company knew there was a problem and allowed hundreds of people to go to their deaths because they wanted to sell aircraft in some crazy race with Airbus. Mark our words. Kudos to Senator Michael Blumenthal who said they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

US Senator Michael Blumenthal