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The people of the united Kingdom have surely lost their minds. They have now given the Government into the hands of an imbecile, albeit one educated at Oxford.  The result of the general election in Britain on the 12 December 2019 was a choice between twiddle dum and twiddle dee.  The Prime Minister Boris Johnson was and is a misogynist, bumbling colonial and racist. The Leader of the official Opposition Jeremey Corbyn was insipid and colourless, living way back in the era of Marx and out of touch with reality and an anti-Semite.  With the choice of Boris Johnson, the Brits have now decided foolishly that they will leave the European Union.  Voters do some crazy things.  A nation reduced in its circumstances that cannot survive alone is holding onto the vain promises of the Trump Presidency for their ultimate rescue, still dreaming about Empire and leaving the continent which is right next to them and to which they are forever tied. Silly. But hey it’s their life.