BPL Lying And Shocking Incompetence

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Sometime in the winter, when it became clear that the management of the Bahamas Power and Light was disintegrating in the midst of charges and counter charges of corruption, the new management of BPL, brought in from the Freeport Power Company and friends with the Minister for Electricity Desmond Bannister, the new management said there would be no load shedding for the summer.

We knew they were lying then.  They knew that they were lying.  We know that they knew that we knew that they were lying.  We were very knowledgeable about the shocking incompetence and bold faced lies that they told about supplying power to this island of New Providence. They were also lying abut Abaco and lying about Exuma. They are just liars. They have no idea what they are doing.  They are spending the public funds like drunken sailors and they cannot keep thelights on.

Each day for the past week, large swaths of New Providence have been plunged into darkness, two hours or more at a time. That is the result of the lies. The heat is oppressive.  The humidity is terrible. The darkness is frightening.  The traffic is a nightmare. This is the FNM Government.  The people who had all the answers .  The people who claimed they would usher in the People’s time.  They proved to be liars. The old saying in our country and particularly after you look at the performance and give aways to Brent Symonette, a UBP Government minister: a liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer.  Lord help us!