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The lights went out in the east in New Providence on the evening of the 26 August 2020.  People were pissed off.  This comes after the Minister and the Bahamas Power and Light promised that there would no load shedding this summer. Well they say, it was not due to load shedding but you know the damn power is still off.  As far as the customer is concerned, it is a distinction without a difference.  Here is BPL’s explanation:

Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. (BPL) wishes to inform the public the majority of the areas affected by the Spanse Investment feeder (which include Blair, portions of the Eastern Road, Deal’s Heights, High Vista, Mt. Vernon, Melvarc Subdivision, Premier Subdivision) are now receiving supply, 

Additionally, as a result of vehicle accident on Bernard Road, repairs are in progress to repair a broken pole. Customers in the following areas are estimated to be restored within the next two hours:

Bernard Rd. (Village Road to the Parade)

Jean St.

Hillside Park.

Spring Field Road (experiencing partial or no supply)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.